Contract No. T/TS-556AConstruction ServicesUpdated on 8-17-2018
Bridge Monitoring System – Select Bridges

The project will consist of installing electronic sensors mounted on poles to detect over height vehicles. The sensors will require power and communication cabling including conduits runs and the installation of poles and foundations.
The structural monitoring will include the welding of stress sensors to various members of the bridges. Conduit runs to provide power and communication will be required to attach to the bridge and run into the officer’s shelter.

The location and number of bridges in each County are as follows:
3 bridges (Centre Bridge- Stockton, Riegelsville, and New Hope Lambertville) in Bucks County
2 bridges (Northampton and Riverton Belvidere) in Northampton County
1 bridge (Milford-Montague) in Pike County

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Contract No. T-711AConstruction ServicesUpdated on 5-31-2018
Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge Salt Storage Building

The Scope of Work for this project includes, but is not limited to, site clearing, relocating storm drainage lines and inlets, site preparation, curb installation, milling and paving, constructing a new salt storage building including electrical service and lighting installation.

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