This webpage provides information about the architectural LED lighting system on the Northampton Street Bridge (the “free bridge”) between Easton, PA. and Phillipsburg, N.J.  Eligible civic, cultural, and community organizations should use the application form on this webage to request temporary color schemes.

All special lighting requests must be made by application to the Commission and MUST BE RECEIVED at least 30 days in advance of a date that is being requested.  Approval of respective eligible requests is at the sole discretion of the Commission. Requests made via, or including, petitions and/or social media campaigns will not be considered.  There are no automatic request renewals; applicants for lighting requests must be filed annually to be considered.  The Commission also does not accept lighting requests more than 12 months in advance of a requested lighting date.)

The Commission’s full lighting policy, an application form, annual lighting schedule, and additional information is below.  (Note:  The Commission may change its lighting policy at any time without notice.)

The Northampton Street Bridge — colloquially known as the Easton-Phillipsburg “free bridge” — is the second oldest bridge in the Commission’s 20-bridge system.  It was constructed in 1895 and 1896 for the former Easton Delaware Bridge Company, which then operated it as a tolled crossing for approximately 25 years. The Commission has owned the bridge since July 1, 1987. It has a unique cantelever truss design mimicking the profile of a suspension bridge with two towers.  The only other bridge like in the world is the Liberty Bridge in Budapest, Hungary.  The website rates the Northampton Street Bridge a 10 out of 10 for national and local significance.

Because of the bridge’s unique engineering lineage and its strategic importance along the riverfronts of Easton, PA. and Phillipsburg, N.J., the Commission decided to outfit the structure with a programmable color-changing LED architectural lighting system.  It is the first bridge superstructure in the Commission’s system to be fully outfitted with an architectural lighting.  (Note: The Commission outfitted its Lower Trenton Bridge’s iconic Trenton Makes The World Takes sign with programmable color-chaning LED lights in 2018, but that system is confined solely the sign and not the bridge’s architectural profile.)


Northampton Street Bridge (the ‘free bridge’) Lighting Policy

Organizations seeking temporary color(s) on the Northampton Street Bridge programmable color-changing LED architectural lighting system should first read the lighting policy prior to submitting an application.

  • The Northampton Street Bridge’s architectural lightng and animation will be run at the sole discretion of Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.
  • The sign lighting system will not be adjusted for personal events, birthdays, anniversaries or other personal occasions. Major civic events and historic federal, state, and local anniversaries will be considered.
  • All requested temporary adjustments to the lighting system must be in keeping with Commission values and conform to Commission standards of appropriateness and good taste.
  • The special program colors will run from 30 mintes before sunset until 11 PM.  Traditional white returns at 11 p.m. and continues until dawn.
  • Submit your requests a minimum of 30 days in advance of the requested dates.
  • Please provide several dates, or a range of dates you would like the color alteration to appear. Color requests from community partners typically run two to three consecutive nights; however, final date (or date range) selection is based upon availability and solely at the Commission’s discretion.
  • Utilize the Temporary Lighting Adjustment Request Form on this webpage.
  • Submit the form either electronically following the directions on this webpage, via email to or thru the US mail, to:
    Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission
    Attn. Community Affairs
    1199 Woodside Road
    Yardley, PA 19067
    If possible, please provide the RGB or CMYK values for your requested lighting color(s).


Temporary sign lighting color requests are accepted through the submission of the completed application form below.

Due to the volume of requests, conflicting date requests, and pre-scheduled dates, the Commission cannot accommodate all requests.

Note: The request form must be received 30 days prior to the temporary lighting date being requested.

* denotes a required field.


    Event/Holiday/Occasion Date Display
    New Year’s Day January 1 multi-color
    Martin Luther King Day Third Monday of January red, white and yellow
    Valentine’s Day February 14 red, white and pink
    President’s Day Third Monday of February red, white and blue
    St. Patrick’s Day March 17 green
    Passover Eight days, starting 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan red and white
    Easter First Sunday following first full moon after Vernal Equinox purple and white
    Cinco de Mayo May 5 red, white and green
    Memorial Day Last Monday in May red, white and blue
    Flag Day June 14 red, white and blue
    Stonewall (Pride) Day June 28 rainbow
    Independence Day July 4 red, white and blue
    Purple Heart Day August 7 purple and white
    Labor Day First Monday in September red, white and blue
    Prostate Cancer Awareness September blue
    Patriot’s Day September 11 red, white and blue
    Breast Cancer Awareness October pink
    Columbus Day Second Monday in October red, white and green
    Halloween October 31 orange and brown
    Pancreatic Cancer Awareness November purple
    Election Day Tuesday after first Monday in November red, white and blue
    Veterans Day November 11 red, white and blue
    Thanksgiving Eve November 22, 2023 Phillipsburg and Easton high school colors
    Thanksgiving Weekend Nov. 23-26, 2023 Color of winning team at annual Thanksgiving Day game
    Hanukkah Eight days, starting the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev blue and white
    Christmas Day December 25 and the week prior red and green
    Kwanzaa December 26 through December 30 red, yellow and green
    New Year’s Eve December 31 multi-color



    • 152 color-changeable LED elements
    • 110 white LED elements
    • 2,034 linear feet of color-changeable LED strip lighting
    • 120 power-date converters
    • DMX controller
    • 20,120 linear feet of of LED control wiring
    • 48,320 linear feet of electric wiring
    • 81 NEMA 4X-rated control boxes


    • High-energy efficiency – low operating costs
    • Highlights the bridge’s unique architectural profile
    • Durable – individual lights can last for 35,000 to 50,000 hours
    • Environmentally friendly – other bulbs have mercury or other harmful materials
    • Provides uniform light
    • Brightness and colors can be altered
    • An attraction that can draw visitors to hotels, restaurants and other area businesses