Contract No. T-668AConstruction ServicesUpdated on 2-8-2017
Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project

The Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project includes: the replacement of the existing I-95 bridge over the Delaware River with new northbound and southbound structures; 4.4 miles of approach roadway improvements between the I-95/PA Route 332 Interchange in Pennsylvania and the I-95/Bear Tavern Road Interchange in New Jersey; the reconfiguration of the I-95/Taylorsville Road Interchange in PA, and the I-95/Route 29 Interchange in NJ and associated ramps and structures; and, a pedestrian/bicycle shared-use pathway contiguous with the upstream, or southbound structure, that ties in with the canal towpaths in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The project also includes construction of noise walls in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a Bridge Monitor/ All Electronic Tolling Facility, including an AET equipment gantry and a wetland mitigation site in Pennsylvania.

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Contract No. TS-699AConstruction ServicesUpdated on 3-31-2017
Lower Trenton Toll-Supported Bridge Approach Traffic Signal Equipment Upgrades

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission is making traffic signal equipment upgrades at three (3) existing intersections located along New Warren Street in the City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey. New Warren Street serves as the New Jersey approach roadway to the Lower Trenton Toll Supported Bridge. To the east of the bridge structure, and along New Warren Street, there are three (3) signalized intersections within ¼ mile of the bridge. These include the intersection of New Warren Street with the US Route 1 Northbound Ramp, William Trent Place, and Shepherd Street.

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Contract No. T-644AConstruction ServicesUpdated on 5-3-2017
I-78 Bridges and Approach Slab Rehabilitation Project

I-78 Bridges and Approach Slabs Rehabilitation consists of approximately 7.0 miles of roadway, five (5) bridges, and a Welcome Center in the Commission’s jurisdiction within Pennsylvania, six (6) bridges in the Commission’s jurisdiction within New Jersey, and two (2) bridges on I-78 over the Delaware River. Work on this project consists of, but not limited to Precast Approach Slab Replacements at eight bridges on I-78, Painting Existing Structural Steel of six bridges, Asphalt Overlay and Regrading at various areas, Bridge Deck Seal Coating, Miscellaneous Bridge Superstructure and Substructure Repairs, Welcome Center concrete slab repairs and Re-Stripping of the corridor within the Bridge Commission’s jurisdiction. The estimated value of this construction contract is between $5 million and $10 million.

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Contract No. TS-687AConstruction ServicesUpdated on 5-24-2017
Lower Trenton Toll Supported Bridge, Replacement of Sign Lighting Elements

The Lower Trenton Toll-Supported Bridge carries SR 2060/Bridge Street across the Delaware River and connects the Borough of Morrisville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania with the City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey. The bridge is a five-span, riveted steel, subdivided Warren Truss structure. Spans 3 and 4 of the downstream truss support the iconic “Trenton Makes…The World Takes” sign comprised of individual letter housings that are 9’-6” in height. Work on this project consists of, but not limited to: removing the neon tube lighting elements and the electrical power supply system for the “Trenton Makes…The World Takes” sign, cleaning and painting existing letters, furnishing and installing new color-changing LED strip lighting elements and electrical supply components and suppling all materials, devices, and manpower for the maintenance and protection of traffic pattern necessary to accommodate the lighting installation.

Bid Posted On: March 29, 2017Bid Closed On: April 27, 2017 2:00pmBID RESULTSBID TABULATIONS