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The main river bridge consists of a 540-foot Petit through-truss span over the river; a 430-foot, five-span plate-girder viaduct at the New Jersey approach; and a 40-foot pre-stressed concrete boxbeam span over PA Route 611 on the Pennsylvania approach.  The overall length is 1,020 feet. The four-lane facility has a roadway width of 40 feet.  There are eight-foot concrete pedestrian sidewalks outside the trusses on each side.

The one-way toll plaza has five lanes and is located in the westbound direction on the New Jersey side of the bridge.  It is the only DRJTBC toll plaza located in New Jersey.

The main river bridge is uncommonly massive truss structure.  It was one of the longest simple span highway truss bridges in the United States when it opened.  Of the 1379 truss bridges currently listed on the website HistoricBridges.org, the Easton-Phillipsburg Bridge appears as the longest simple span truss that is not part of a cantilever system.

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