The New Hope-Lambertville Toll-Supported Bridge is now closed to New Jersey-bound traffic at the intersections of Main and E. Bridge streets in New Hope, PA.

The bridge remains open to Pennsylvania-bound vehicles with a traffic shift starting on the Lambertville side.  The bridge’s walkway also remains in service at this time.

(See drawing of bridge travel pattern below.)


The bridge’s uninterrupted New Jersey-bound traffic detour is expected to remain in place for eight months, ending in late September.  The detour has two starting points: at the intersection of East Bridge and Main streets in New Hope and at the intersection of West Bridge Street and Route 202 to the west of New Hope’s commercial center.

Detour signage directs affected motorists to the nearby New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge and Route 202 northbound, which is toll-free for travel into New Jersey.  Take the first New Jersey exit and proceed onto Route 29 southbound.  The detour ends at the intersection of Main Street/Route 29 and Bridge Street/Route 179 in Lambertville.

The NJ-bound detour map can be viewed at this link:

This travel pattern will allow work crews to execute the first stage of construction on a 10-month-long rehabilition of the 120-year-old bridge.

The following drawing depicts the bridge’s Stage 1 travel pattern looking from New Hope, PA. toward Lambertville: