DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA – I-80 westbound motorists could encounter slight travel delays overnight Monday into Tuesday morning while approaching toll-collection booths on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware Water Gap Bridge, the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission announced today.

A series of off-peak westbound lane closures are scheduled to be implemented at the toll area and on the bridge from 8 p.m. Monday, June 14, to 4 a.m. Tuesday, June 15.  The travel restrictions will enable construction crews to realign a series of concrete barriers for the next stage of a roadway reconstruction project now underway in the vicinity of the bridge.

Only two mixed-mode (cash/E-ZPass) collection lanes will be available at the toll plaza as the construction zone realignment work takes place.  The adjoining Express E-ZPass lane also will remain fully open during the lane closure period.

Upon completion of the realigned construction zone, the bridge’s westbound toll plaza will have three operational toll booths – instead of the normal five – during peak travel periods until the next phase of construction.

The roadway replacement work, which will take place at both ends of the bridge, is expected to be completed later this year.  Currently, the work involves full-depth replacement of spalling concrete slabs in the vicinity of the five-lane westbound barrier toll plaza on the bridge’s Pennsylvania side.  The concrete slabs in the toll plaza were last replaced over 30 years ago.

Tolls are collected only in the westbound direction at the Delaware Water Gap (I-80) Toll Bridge.   I-80 eastbound travel lanes at the bridge will be fully open and not be subject to travel restrictions by any of the work currently taking place at the westbound toll plaza.

Note:  The aforementioned travel restrictions are subject to change due to weather, emergencies, traffic, and equipment/materials mobilization.  Motorists are urged to allow extra time to reach their destinations, reduce speeds and exercise caution when travelling through project work areas.

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