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The Interstate 78 Toll Bridge was opened to traffic on November 21, 1989. The bridge is a twin four-girder, seven-span continuous structure with an overall length of 1,222 feet. It is supported on hammerhead-reinforced concrete piers and reinforced concrete abutments. The Commission jurisdiction extends approximately 2.2 miles west at the Pennsylvania approach, including an interchange at Morgan Hill Road and grade-separation structures at Cedarville Road and Route 611.

The New Jersey approach extends approximately 4.2 miles to the east from the main river bridge, including grade separation bridges at Carpentersville Road, County Route 519 and Edges Roads. The one-way toll plaza, located on the Pennsylvania approach, has seven toll lanes. Tolls are collected in the westbound direction. A rest area and welcome center for westbound motorists is adjacent to the toll plaza.

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