The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission’s transportation network handled 138.7 million vehicular crossings in 2019, including long-distance commercial shippers, job commuters and recreational travelers. The Commission has strong financial metrics and bond ratings of grade A or above.

The Commission is one of the country’s oldest toll agencies. It now operates eight toll bridges, three of which carry U.S. Interstate Highway System traffic. Bond rating agencies have praised the Commission for having high debt-service coverage ratios, good asset condition, strong traffic performance, competitive toll rates, and high liquidity. The Commission’s healthy financial outlook has resulted in bond rating upgrades and long-term cost savings on outstanding debt obligations in recent years.

The Commission approved a two-step toll adjustment in April 2021.  Implementation of that toll adjustment’s final elements is scheduled for January 2024:  the E-ZPass toll rate for passenger vehicles (Class 1) will increase 25 cents to $1.50 and a 20-year-old frequency-based E-ZPass commuter discount program will expire.  The Commission has A-grade bond ratings.  It maintains a 2.0-plus debt-service-coverage ratio.

Financial Resilience Policy

Anticipated Toll-Funded Capital Project Starts 2021-26

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Annual Reports

A report on a year of progress and accomplishment for the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.

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Annual Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports help ensure the structural integrity and safe operation of the Commission’s bridges.

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Audit Reports

Commission’s financial records and statements are audited each year under the terms of the agency’s Trust Indenture with bondholders.

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Traffic Engineering Reports

This report contains the traffic volumes and recorded revenue totals for all Commission toll bridges.

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Did You Know?


Number of vehicular crossings handled by Commission bridges in 2023.


The Commission’s E-ZPass® penetration rate attained a new high in 2023.

Commission has strong financial metrics and bond ratings of grade A and above.