WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP, PA – I-78 eastbound after the last Pennsylvania exit and continuing across the I-78 Toll Bridge at the Delaware River will remain in a two-lane travel configuration until further notice, the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission announced today.

The far right I-78 eastbound lane east of the Morgan Hill Road/PA Route 611 interchange (Exit 75 – EASTON) had to be shut down late Tuesday afternoon for safety reasons.  A section of an expansion joint where the bridge meets the New Jersey-side roadway broke off and became a travel hazard.

Maintenance crews could not make a satisfactory temporary repair this morning.  Engineers are planning a permanent repair that might be completed by the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Until then, I-78 eastbound will be reduced to two travel lanes beginning after Exit 75 in Pennsylvania and continuing across the Delaware River.  The entry ramp from Morgan Hill Road/Route 611 onto I-78 eastbound will remain open, but a STOP condition is necessary to control entry onto the highway.  Slight delays are possible at this location during morning peak commuting periods.

The 2.25-mile section of I-78 between the Morgan Hill Road/PA Route 611 (Easton) exit and the I-78 Toll Bridge is owned and maintained by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.  The Commission also is responsible for the first 4.2 miles of I-78 in New Jersey.

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