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The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission provides safe, dependable and efficient river crossings between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  

Stretching roughly 140 miles from the Philadelphia/Bucks County, Pa. boundary northward to the New Jersey/New York state line, the Commission's jurisdiction encompasses a diverse geographic region featuring bustling cities, quaint river villages, and scenic portions of the Delaware River where nature's beauty abounds.

Committed to improving the quality of life for area residents, the Commission strives to create a synergy of economic vitality, environmental stewardship, historic preservation, customer service and fiscal accountability.

Capital Improvement Program 

Project Case Study

Capital Improvement Program Overview

The Commission's nearly $42 million capital budget for 2014 outlines a wide variety of rehabilitation, improvement and project planning initiatives.  The budget lays out a financial blueprint for capital initiatives during the year and future years, including the 2014 stage of the multi-year Easton-Phillipsburg (Route 22) Toll Bridge Rehabilitation Project.  This year marks the fourth-consecutive year in which the capital plan has been reduced from the prior year's total.  Still, it allows the Commission to meet its goals for advancing the agency's rolling Capital Improvement Program.  The thrust of 2014 investments will be for planning and designing projects that will take place in 2015 and beyond.  As with all all capital initiatives, these strategic investments will further stimulate the regional economy, provide new job opportunities, enhance safety, reduce congestion, and improve the agency's customer-service capabilities.
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Roughly 40 Lower Makefield residents attended an April 27 community meeting on the findings of a recently completed supplemental noise study at three locations along the Pennsylvania I-95 approach that did not warrant noise-abatement walls under the project's Environmental Assessment process.  The latest study's findings confirmed that the noise levels in the three Lower Makefield neighborhoods do not meet established federal/state thresholds to warrant installations of additional noise-abatement walls.  Click below for the following document links:
- April 27 meeting presentation

- July 2015 Final Design Noise Analysis Report

- April 2016 Supplemental Noise Study for Pennsylvania I-95 Approach

- April 2016 Supplemental Noise Study for New Jersey I-95 Approach

The informational video for the Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project was revised for the March 15 New Jersey-oriented open house in Ewing, N.J.  It is available for viewing on Vimeo and YouTube.  Please click on the following link to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXq9L3Jm7iw.

A significant focus of the March 15 open house and reforestation hearing for the Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project was tree cutting work that is scheduled to begin after October 1 ion the New Jersey side of the bridge.  The 22 display boards from the session may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the respective PDF files listed below:

- Construction Contracts
- Project Schedule
- Taylorsville Road Interchange (PA) Realignment
- Taylorsville Road Interchange (PA) Overpass/Street Views
- Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge Alternatives
- Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge Pier View
- Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge Road View
- NJ Route 29 Interchange Reconstruction Plan
- Stage 1 - Replacement Project
- Stage 2 - Replacement Project
- Stage 3 - Replacement Project
- NJ Route 29 Roundabouts Staging
- Scudder Falls Bridge Construction/Traffic Control
- Environmental
- Environmental Stakeholders
- Timing Restrictions
- NJ Noise Attenuation Study Area
- NJ Noise Walls
- NJ No Net Loss Tree Replanting Plan(2)
- NJ No Net Loss Tree Jurisdiction-Mitigation
- NJ No Net Loss Proposed Tree Clearing
- NJ No Net Loss Tree Replanting Plan(1)

Other meeting materials:
Explanation of the proposed NJ reforestation plan
- Information for filing comments on the reforestation plan
- Latest project fact sheet


Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge

Capital Program

Notice to Contractors

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