These rates applied to Commission toll bridges from April 11, 2021 through January 6, 2024.  The bridges that accepted only cash and E-ZPass were:  Trenton-Morrisville (Route 1), New Hope-Lambertville (Route 202), I-78, Easton-Phillipsburg (Route 22), Portland-Columbia, Delaware Water Gap (I-80), and Milford-Montague (Route 206).  Only one bridge — Scudder Falls (I-295) Toll Bridge — had all-electronic toll (AET) collections through TOLL-BY-PLATE and E-ZPass.  More information may be viewed in the respective vehicle description columns.  The E-ZPass commuter discount expired January 1, 2024.  (Notice: The E-ZPass Class 1 passenger vehicle toll rate rose to $1.50 from $1.25 on January 7, 2024.)

Former 2021-23 Toll Rates

Includes vehicles with up to 2 axles and less than 8-feet high.  *The former frequency-based E-ZPass commuter discount expired effective January 1, 2024.  This former E-ZPass incentive program provided a 20 percent discount, reducing the $1.25 toll to $1 toll whenever monthly eligibility criteria was met.  The discount was applied as a retroactive credit after 16 or more tolled trips across DRJTBC bridges are recorded in a respective calendar month on a passenger-vehicle E-Zpass  transponder issued by the Commission’s toll processor — the New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center.  The discount was tag-specific, meaning trips recorded on multiple transponders cannot be combined to receive the discount.

A passenger vehicle with a trailer or vehicle in tow with a bumper hitch is charged an additional $2 regardless of the number of rolling axles.


Motorcycles, cars, SUVs and light trucks

20-percent E-ZPass Commuter Discount available*

1-axle trailer in tow

2-axle trailer in tow




Include any vehicles 8-feet or above in height with two or more axles.  The rates also apply to Class 1 vehicles with fifth-wheel/gooseneck trailers and vehicles in tow.

The former 10-percent off-peak E-ZPass commercial vehicle discount has been eliminated, effective April 11,  2021.

Class 2 vehicles include small box trucks, flatbed trucks, school buses, small recreational vehicles, certain sprinter vans, and certain conversion vans.

The per-axle rate for vehicles in Class 2 and above are $4.50 E-ZPass and $5 Cash/TOLL BY PLATE.  (Note:  The Commission’s Scudder Falls (I-295) Toll Bridge is the only tolling point with cashless TOLL BY PLATE service.)






Motorcycles, cars, SUVs and light trucks




4-axle dump truck

2-axle RV w/ 2-axle trailer

2-axle RV w/ 2-axle passenger in tow

Truck with GN trailer












The toll schedule above was first posted Feb. 1, 2021 for purposes of gathering public comment before the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission’s directors decided whether to approve, modify/approve, or reject the proposed rates.  The Commissioners subsequently reviewed gathered public comments and approved the toll schedules at their March 29 meeting.  The rate changes constitute the Commission’s first system-wide toll adjustment in 10 years.  These new toll rates took effect 12:00:01 a.m. April 11, 2021 — with the exception of the new reduced 20-percent frequent E-ZPass commuter discount, which is scheduled to start May 1.

Please go to for more information on the toll rates and the public comment process that was used prior to adoption of the 2021/2024 toll rates.

Under the 2021-23 toll rate schedule, the Commission had two-tiered toll pricing (higher tolls for Cash/TOLL BY PLATE transactions and lower tolls for E-ZPass transactions).  Please note that the Scudder Falls (I-295) Toll Bridge currently was the only DRJTBC crossing with cashless all-electronic tolling [AET] and TOLL BY PLATE service.  All other Commission toll bridges were  cash/E-ZPass.

Motorists with E-ZPass transponders qualify for lower rates because the cost of collection is less.  Drivers without E-ZPass pay higher rates for Cash and TOLL BY PLATE because those collection methods are more costly.  (Note:  E-ZPass is now used in more than 85 percent of passenger vehicle toll transactions and 90 percent of commercial vehicle toll transactions in the Commission’s bridge system.)

All E-ZPass users — regardless of issuing agency — qualify for the E-ZPass passenger-vehicle rate of $1.25.

However, the Commission’s former volume-based 20-percent E-ZPass commuter discount could only be applied to passenger vehicle transponders issued by the Commission’s toll processor — the regional New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center.  This discount — when applicable — reduced the $1.25 passenger vehicle toll to $1.  The discount was automatically applied as a retroactive credit on a subsequent E-ZPass bill when an eligible motorist recorded 16 or more tolled trips across DRJTBC bridges in a respective calendar month on his/her Commission-affiliated E-Zpass transponder.  The newly reduced 20-percent discount starts May 1, 2021 and is authorized to continue through 2023. The dicount was tag specific, meaning multiple transponders could be combined to receive the discount.

The per-axle rates for trucks, buses, and other vehicles 8 feet or more in height is $4.50 for E-ZPass and $5 for cash/TOLL BY PLATE, starting April 11.  (Note: The Scudder Falls Toll Bridge currently is the only DRJTBC crossing with cashless all-electronic tolling [AET] and TOLL BY PLATE service.)  The former off-peak E-ZPass discount for trucks, buses and commercial vehicles 8-feet and above in height expired on April 11, 2021.

The Class 1 passenger vehicle E-ZPass toll rate increased an additional 25 cents — to a $1.50 rate — on January 7, 2024.  Shortly before that limited toll increase, the frequency-based commuter discount program ended January 1, 2024.  The Commission now incentivizes E-ZPass use through its toll rates.  E-ZPass toll rates are up to 50 percent less than comparable cash and TOLL BY PLATE rates.


Only E-ZPass accounts issued by the DRJTBC’s toll processing service provider (NJ E-ZPass Group) were eligible for the Commission’s defunct commuter discount program. (E-ZPass users who have accounts administered by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission were ineligible for the commuter discount because their toll systems are separate from the DRJTBC’s toll-processing service provider.)