Commuter Discount

Discount opportunity for motorists who travel across
the Commission’s toll bridges on a regular basis.

Minimum number of tolled trips across one or more Commission toll bridges per month
0 %
Toll discount applied to a motorist’s NJ E-ZPass® Group account as automatic credit
$ 0 +
in total commuter discount annual savings if utilized on a monthly basis

Commuter Discount Program

The Commission provides a 40-percent discount for river region motorists who travel across the agency’s toll bridges on a regular basis using a passenger-vehicle transponder issued by the Commission’s toll processor — the regional New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center (NJ E-ZPass Group). This frequent-commuter discount can provide $100 or more in annual savings if utilized on a monthly basis.

Program Overview

The frequency-based commuter discount is 40 percent.  Frequent commuters with DRJTBC-affiliated E-ZPass® transponders (NJ E-ZPass Group-issued) can pay a 60 cent toll – instead of the base $1 Class 1 toll – at seven Commission toll bridges:  Trenton-Morrisville (Route 1), New Hope-Lambertville (Route 202), I-78, Easton-Phillipsburg (Route 22), Portland-Columbia, Delaware Water Gap (I-80), and Milford-Montague (Route 206).  On July 14, 2019, the program was extend to the new Scudder Falls (I-295) Toll Bridge, where the $1.25 Class 1 E-ZPass toll can be reduced to 75 cents.  Only E-ZPass transponders issued by the Commission’s toll processor — the regional New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center (not a state-affiliated agency) — can be tracked for purposes of having the frequency-based discount tabulated and applied as a credit on subsequent E-ZPass statements.

How It Works

To qualify, a motorist needs to record a minimum 16 tolled trips per month across any Commission toll bridge or any combination of Commission toll bridges.  This transponder-based discount is applied to a motorist’s E-ZPass® account automatically as a retroactive credit, provided the respective transponder/account is administered by the DRJTBC’s toll processor – the regional New Jersey E-ZPass® Customer Service Center (NJ E-ZPass Group), which is operated by Conduent Inc.  The respective transponder must be in the vehicle when tolled trips are recorded, otherwise the regular E-ZPass® rate applies.

E-ZPass® Account Requirement

The discount program applies only to passenger vehicle E-ZPass® transponders issued by the New Jersey E-ZPass® Group, which provides customer service/back-office support for the Commission’s E-ZPass® system.

In addition to the DRJTBC, other toll agencies affiliated with the regional New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center (NJ E-ZPass® Group) are:

  • New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA)
  • Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)
  • Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA)
  • South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA)
  • Burlington County Bridge Commission (BCBC)
  • Cape May County Bridge Commission (CMCBC)

The consumer discount program does not extend to E-ZPass® accounts administered by:

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Other toll agencies unaffiliated with the New Jersey E-ZPass® Group

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