The New Hope-Lambertville (Route 202), Portland-Columbia (Routes 46,611,94) and Milford-Montague (Route 206) Toll Bridges now have all-electronic toll collections, and no longer accept cash for payments of tolls.

Toll booth are unoccupied. Payment options are either E-ZPass (least expensive) and TOLL BY PLATE (same cost as prior cash tolls, but up to twice the cost of E-ZPass).

Do not stop in toll-booth lanes at these three bridges. Keep moving.

If a vehicle is not equipped with E-ZPass, a TOLL BY PLATE bill will be sent to that registered vehicle owner after 30 days or when the amount of tolls on that vehicles exceeds $50, whichever comes fire.

To save money, avoid hassles and prevent additional fees and possible future penalties, please get an E-ZPass account.

More than 85 percent of tolls at these three bridges are already collected through E-ZPass.


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